Swim Lessons

Mornings – 9:00, 9:35, 10:10, 10:45, and 11:20                                                                  
Monday -Friday
June 25 – July 6 (No Class 7/4)
July 9 – 20
July 23 – Aug 3
Aug 6 – 17
Aug 20 – 31

MW 4:00, 4:35, 5:15, 5:50, 6:24.       TTH 5:15, 5:50, 6:25.
June 25 – July 19
July 23 – Aug 9
Aug 13 – 30

Please read the information below to determine which class your child needs.

Provides experiences and activities for children to:

  • Learn to ask for permission before entering the water
  • Learn how to enter/exit water safely
  • Feel comfortable in the water
  • Submerging to the mouth, nose, eyes and completely
  • Explore buoyancy
  • Change body position in the water
  • Learn how to play safely

Learn to Swim

Level 1

Level 1 is an initial adjustment to the water environment. Swimmers will experience bubble blowing and breath control; exploring the water while on their front and back both assisted and unassisted. Upon successful completion, swimmers will be able to kick with a kickboard, steamboat and back glide for two body lengths and jump into the water, all unassisted.

  • Enter/exit water safely
  • Blow bubbles
  • Open eyes under water
  • Front and back float
  • Front and back glide
  • Flutter kick
  • Steamboat
  • Jump in and submerge, return to wall
Level 2:

Level 2 will build confidence for the swimmer to perform floats and glides on front and back, while introducing crawlstroke and backstroke. Rotary breathing will be introduced. The swimmer will be able to coordinate side breathing with armstrokes for five breaths and swim 5 body lengths on their back, winging and kicking.

  • Intro to side breathing
  • Open eyes and retrieve object under water
  • Flutter kick
  • Front float
  • Front/back glide
  • Steamboat
  • Winging and kicking
  • Intro to front crawl and back stroke
  • Jump in and swim 5 arm strokes
Level 3:

Level 3 will focus on further developing crawlstroke skills and also learn backstroke. We will also begin to introduce deep water experiences with treading water and beginning diving skills. Swimmers will also practice performing skills for longer distances. Upon successful completion, swimmer will be able swim crawlstroke and backstroke for 15 yards.

  • Side breathing
  • Front Kicks
  • Wing and Kick
  • Back Kicks Streamlined
  • Bob to Safety
  • Intro to Treading in Deep
  • Crawl Stroke
  • Backstroke
  • Diving
Level 4:

Level 4 introduces breaststroke and standing front dive. The focus will be increased proficiency and endurance of crawlstroke, backstroke, and treading water. Upon successful completion swimmers will be able swim crawlstroke 25 yards and 25 yards backstroke.

  • Deep water bobs
  • Head First surface dive
  • Elementary Backstroke kick
  • Breast Stroke
  • Tread water
  • Diving board Safety
Level 5:

Level 5 focuses mainly on stroke proficiency and building endurance. Upon successful completion, swimmer will be able to swim continuously for 300 yards, tread water for 2 minutes, perform a long shallow dive and demonstrate underwater swimming.

  • Butterfly
  • Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke
  • Sculling
  • Diving
  • Open Turns
  • Underwater Swimming
  • Distance swimming

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