Boiler Replacement

We have to replace our 1992 gas boiler.  The accepted bid totals $108,677.  We are working with the Energy Trust of Oregon and they have provided an incentive of $40,369 to replace with an energy efficient boiler saving energy and money.  This leaves an approximate balance of $70,000.  Due to COVID and the 6 month closure of the building, we are asking our community to help with the purchase and keep our facility open.  Below are ways to donate:

In person:  We’d love to see you, so come in and donate using cash/check/credit/debit card.

Mail:  Sending a check works too.  Mail to:  Eisenschmidt Pool – 1070 Eisenschmidt Lane, St. Helens, OR  97051

GOFUNDME:  We have opened a gofundme account which we would love for you to share, even if you are unable to donate at this time. 




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