Pool Rules


1.   Appropriate swim wear required, no cut-offs or denim
2.   State law prohibits street shoes on deck
3.   State law requires a cleansing shower before entering the pool
4.   Children under the age of 7 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult or guardian
5.   A parent or guardian cannot take a non-swimming child past the black line in the big pool, no more than 2 non-swimming children per supervising adult
6.   Kickboards are not permitted during public swim
7.   Any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol may not use the pool
8.   Any person with a communicable disease is not permitted to use the pool
9.   Food, gum and drinks are prohibited on pool deck and dressing rooms
10. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool facility
11. Babies must wear swim diapers in the pool

1. Please walk on pool decks and adjacent areas
2. Diving permitted in 9 feet of water or deeper
3. No pushing or pulling anyone in or out of the pool
4. Roughhousing or fighting is prohibited
5. Face forward when jumping or diving from the edge of the pool
6. Don’t hang on the lane lines
7. To use the big pool, a swimmer must swim 15-yards front crawl with face in the water, rhythmic breathing and arms clearing the surface of the water. Then swim 15-yards on their back keeping horizontal.
8. Children wearing lifejackets must be near an adult if under the age of 7.
9. Private lessons may only be taught by an authorized GSHAD employee where fees are accepted through Eisenschmidt Pool.

1. A swimmer must be able to pass the swim test to use the spring board
2. Feet must land first, no diving
3. Only 1 person permitted on the spring board at a time
4. Only 1 bounce
5. Wait until person in front reaches the wall before jumping
6. Go directly off the front of the board, not the side
7. Swim directly to the wall
8. No spins off the spring board

1. Mats and tubes must be kept away from the sides of the pool and lane lines
2. Mats must remain flat on water
3. Standing on mats and tubes is prohibited

1. No dunking
2. No hanging on the rim or net

1. Feet first, on your back only
2. One person at a time
3. Swim directly to the wall
4. No goggles, jewelry or other metal permitted on the slide
5. Wait for lifeguard to signal to go down the slide

1. One person at a time on the wall
2. Enter feet first, no spinning or diving when dropping from the wall
3. Wait behind cone or rope for a turn to climb the wall
4. Immediately swim to ladder after your turn
5. Do not hang out in the drop zone under the wall
6. No goggles or fins permitted on the wall

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