Pool Rules

  1. Appropriate swim wear required, no cut-offs, or denim.
  2. No street shoes on pool deck.
  3. You must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool.
  4. Children under the age of 7 years, must be accompanied and SUPERVISED by an adult/guardian IN the water AND in the building at all times.
  5. Kickboards are not allowed during public swims.
  6. Any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not use the pool.
  7. Any person with a communicable disease may not use the pool.
  8. Food, gum or drinks are prohibited in pool area and dressing rooms.
  9. Glass Containers are not allowed in the pool facility.
  10. Babies must wear swim diapers in the pool.
  1. Please walk on pool deck and adjacent areas.
  2. Diving permitted only in 9  feet of water or deeper.
  3. Please refrain from pushing or pulling any one in or out of the pool.
  4. Roughhousing or fighting in the pool is prohibited.
  5. Please face the pool when jumping/diving from the edge. Jumping in backwards, flips or other gymnastic stunts from the side are dangerous and prohibited.
  6. Food or beverages are permitted only in the lobby and spectator sections.
  7. Please swim under the lane lines. Additional weight from hanging or sitting on the lane lines cause the cable to stretch or break.
  8. A swimmer must perform 15 yards of crawl stroke (body position must be horizontal and armstrokes must clear the surface of the water);  and 15 yards swimming on their back (any stroke O.K. however body position must be horizontal) before being allowed to swim in depths over their head or use the diving board.
  9. Children wearing life jackets must be within arms reach of an adult who can touch the bottom at all times. Only two non-swimming children under 43″ per parent.
  10. Private lessons may only be taught by authorized GSHPRD employees where fees are accepted through Eisenschmidt Pools Registration System.
Diving Board
  1. A swimmer must be able to pass the swim test before using the diving board.
  2. Only one person is permitted on the board at a time.
  3. One bounce only.
  4. Before going off the board, wait until the person ahead of you reaches the wall.
  5. Go directly off the front of the board, not to the side.
  6. Swim arm strokes directly to the side for the pool.
  7. Do not move the Fulcrum
Swim Test
  1. To pass the swim test, a person must be able to complete 15 yards front crawl and 15 yards on the back without goggles.
  2. The swim test must be performed for a lifeguard upon request, in order to enter the deep end or water that is over the swimmer’s head.
  3. The swim test may be required each time a swimmer comes to the facility.
Mats & Inner tubes
  1. The mats and tubes must be kept away from the sides of the pool, the lane lines and each other.
  2. Goggles, masks, and fins must be removed before using the mats and tubes.
  3. The mats must remain flat on the water.
  4. Standing or kneeling on the mats and tubes is prohibited.
Basketball Hoop
  1. All shots must be made from the water. No shooting or dunking from the deck.
  2. Do not hang on the rim or net.
  3. Roughhousing while playing basketball will result in losing the use of the hoop.
  4. The hoop and balls must be shared by everyone.

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